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  DLG-Time for Palm  

DLG-Time for Palm

Manual V1.1.6

Buttons and Controls

The main screen has the following displays and controls:

  1. Control to quit the program (only active if no time measurement is running)
  2. Display of the flight time
  3. Status icon
  4. List of the flown times
  5. Button to go back to the previous task
  6. Name of the actual task
  7. Button to go to the next task
  8. Display of the left working time
  9. Button to start/cancel the working time
  10. Button to show information about the task
  11. Button to edit the task
  12. Button to clear the times
  13. Display to show the left flight time
  14. Button to start/stop the flight time
  15. Button to start/stop the working time
  16. Button to show the menu (only active if no time measurement is running)
  17. Status of the autostop function
  18. Delete the last stopped time


Tap on the DLG tab or the menu soft button (16). Choose mode -> Options -> Preferences. There you can set if the time format is minutes:seconds or seconds only. Furthermore you can switch off the sounds and choose the sounds volume (not supported by all devices). The count down beeps are for practise only. With respect for fellow competitors this function should not be used in competitions. The count down beeps will give beeps for a left light time of 3, 2, 1 minute and 30, 20 and each of the last 10 seconds.

With "Use Legacy Tasks" you can still use those tasks that are no longer used since 2008. The "Autostop Flightime" function automatically stops the flight time together with the end of the working time. If "Autostop Flightime" is not checked the last flight must be stopped manually.


Select Menu -> Options ->DLG-Time Info dialog to see information which version you use.

  1. Enter your name
    (In case there is already a key displayed which you want to delete, clear the key and press the button „Key“) until the lable shows 'Name'. You will see the following dialog:

    Enter your name (max. 20 characters total, only letters and space; no special signs or mutated vowels) and press the button „Key“
  2. An individual key will be generated and displayed:

    Enter the serial you already own in the filed „Serial“.
    Confirm with “Ok”.
  3. After you entered the correct serieal a dialog „Thanks“ pops up and es the Info dialog will look like this:

    Please attach a sticker with your name and serial to your device as you may re-enter both after a reset or deep discharge.


Via the main menu the mode can be selected. There are three modes: universal, single task and competition. Single Task mini is for tasks of the Dutch Mini DLG class.

1) Universal

Universal stopwatch. Number of flights and flight time like set by the user in the options.
Maximum possible number of flights 40.
Maximum flight time 9:59 min.
Maximum working time 60 minutes.

2) Single Task

One single task can be chosen from the list. Each time the task is changed all options settings will be lost.


3) Competition

A sequence of tasks for a competition can be programmed. For each task individual options be set and will be stored while DLG-Time is in competition mode. A competition sequence can be sent to another Palm via infra red port.

Programming a Competition Sequence

Tap on the DLG tab or the menu soft button (16). Choose mode -> Competition.

To delete an old sequence and start a new one press „New Competition“.

When pressing the button „New“ a task can be selected from the task list and will be added at the end of the sequence. "New Mini" adds a task of the Dutch Mini DLG class. To change the task sequence order move the marked task with the arrow buttons.

With „Options“ you can adjust the individual task (see „Options“ on the main screen)
„Delete“ removes the marked task from the sequence.

With „Ok“ you leave the competition form and get back to the main screen with the marked task active.

To change to a different task within the sequence use the - (5) or +(7) buttons or tap on the task name (6) which opens the competition menu where you can mark the desired task and press Ok.


The button "Info" (10) displays the according FAI task rule text.



Each task will be initialized with default values. Some tasks leave it up to the contest director to change the working time or maximum flight time. These individual values can be set with the options menu. Press the “Options” (11) button.

With the button „Min“ you can alter the format from min:sec to seconds only. With the arrow buttons the value of the marked digit will be in- or decreased.

The maximum working time is 45 minutes. The maximum flight time is 9:99 minutes (599 seconds). The maximum number of flights is 40.

Time Measurement:

After you chose the right task and set the options you can start the time measurement. If the status icon (3) doesn’t show a “R” but a diagonally line the measurement must first be reset by pressing “Reset” (12) or pressing the hard keys working time (15) or start/stop (14) for more than 3 seconds.

The working time can be started by three different ways:

  1. Press the button “Start” (9)
  2. Press the hard key working time (15)
  3. If the pilot launches the same time the working time starts you can simply press the hard key “Start” (14) and the working and flying time are started simultaneously.

Once the working time has started and no flight time is measured the icon changes to „P“ (the model is parked on the ground).

To stop or start the flying time measurement press the hard key start/stop (14).

If you started the flying time measurement the status icon shows an aircraft symbol.

If a flight is not valid (e.g. by not landing within the flying filed) just tap on the field where the time is displayed. The time will be inverted and not considered for the calculation of the tactical support information.

Saved time are displayed in three different formats:

  1. bold: times which are used to calculate the score
  2. normal: times which are not used to calculate the score (e.g. the three shortest times in 3 of 6)
  3. inverted: times which are not used to calculate the score and should not be copied on the score sheet

You can tap on a time more than once. Each time its state is toggled from inverted to none inverted and vice versa.


If you measure more than 10 times a button with an arrow (1) will appear. With this button you can toggle between the normal screen and the 40 times display. The 40 times display does not show score times bold.

If you press the Start/Stop button by accident you can recall the previous state by pressing the button „Undo“.

Tactical Support:

At the near end of the working time it may be important to know how many time is left for the pilot to make a flight which allows an improvement of his actual score. If the left time for Improvement is lower than 100 it will be automatically displayed (see red arrow in the screen shot above).

The working time can be stopped manually by pressing the button “Cancel” or pressing the hard key working time (15) for more than 3 seconds.

If the working time had been counted down the 30 seconds landing buffer will be displayed afterwards.


After finishing a task the achieved score compared to the theoretical maximum (1) and the total score time (2) will be displayed.

Clear All Times:

After coping all times to the score sheet you can clear all times by pressing “Reset” (12) or pressing the hard keys working time (15) or start/stop (14) for more than 3 seconds.

Task Poker:

For the task poker the initial flight time will be announced right before the start. Simply start the time measurement normally. After the launch tap on the area where the rest time is displayed and the poker menu will appear. Choose a present time or enter the poker value. After leaving the menu with „Ok“ the poker value will be used to calculate the rest time.

Task 1-2-3-4:

When in the task 1-2-3-4 you normally will not complete the full flight time as you require a few seconds for landing and launching.  To tell DLG-Time that a flight with 3:59 seconds should be considered as successful 4 minutes flight, tap on the area where the rest time is displayed (similar to poker) and the 1-2-3-4 menu will appear. Tick the fulfilled flight times, not the actual target time. The inputs can be changed at any time.

Send a Competition sequence:

If more than one pilot is using DLG-Time in a competition it is only necessary for one user to program the sequence. It can be sent to the other devices via the infra red port. All Palms need be use the same version of DLG-Time (language may differ).


Using DLG-Time will turn off the build in automatic power off function. After a program crash of DLG-Time please set the desired value for the automatic power of in the PalmOS system settings.

While running DLG-Time all other Palm functions are disabled. To leave DLG-Time you must first stop any running measurement.

To obtain maximum reliability it is suggested to uninstall all other applications by a hard reset and make DLG-Time the only application.


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