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Identifying an Electric Mistress

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Knobs: CAUTION: Knobs may vary. Most versions of the Electric Mistress and the Deluxe Electric Mistress had been shipped with different knobs. Knobs can not be used for identification or dating.

Electric Mistress

Version Prod. Range Identifying Feature
V1 1976 blue printing
V2 1976 - 1978 no scale
V3 1978 - 1979 not outer distinguishing marks - PCB
V4 1979 - 1980 not outer distinguishing marks - PCB
V5 1980 - 1981 pot range
V6 1981 - 1984 9 V
V7 1994 olive case

Deluxe Electric Mistress

Version Prod. Range Identifying Feature
V1 1978 - 1980 Two conductor power cord without earth ground*
V2 1980 - 1981 Two conductor power cord without earth ground *
V3 1981 - 1984 green printing
V4 2002 - 200? "Sandpaper" surface backplate, missing i-dot on most of the models, but not all
three conductor power cord with earth ground *
V5 200? - today 24 V adapter - no main power cord,
"Sandpaper" surface backplate

*) Unfortunatly there is no sure outside distinguishing mark for the V1/V2. For most coutries the 1980s versions will have power cords without earth ground, but due to national regulations there may be also V1/V2 with earth ground outside the USA.

Identifying Assistant:


Dating a Mistress:

Dating a Mistress - wow what a header;-) As with most elderly ladies determing the exact age is not easy. First you should identify the version (see above). The only sure hint except for the PCB number is pot dating. All vintage Mistresses use CTS pots. (Pots are the three round thingies with a diameter of 24 mm that keep the pcb in place and whereto the knobs are attached.) Luckily these pots are marked with an EIA code containing the production week.

The CTS pots have two numbers. The number beginning with 137 is the date code. The scheme is 137yyww. Shown in the picture below is pot made between 01. and 07. May 1977. 137 stands for the manufacturer code, 77 is the year und 18 is the week.
1977 CTS pot

Unfortunately now we know only the manufacturing date of the pot and not the Mistress. At least now we know that the Mistress can not be older than the pot.


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