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1994 Sovtek Electric Mistress V7 (Prototype)

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Power Supply: 1x 9 V battery or 12 V adapter input
Knobs: curled with camfer
Printing: olive painted case with black printing.
PCB: prototype
Trimpots: 4x
IC: 8-pin BBD, probably RD5106A, ?, ?, ?, ?



According to Ron Neely II "The EH Man, All-Knowing Guru of Electro-Harmonix", Sovtek built approximately 5 prototypes for an Electric Mistress in 1994.Unfortunately these never were produced and sold.

According to the part that can be identified on the pictures the Sovtek Electric Mistress V7 would probably have been similar to the Deluxe Electric Mistress V4 and V5 Reissue.

Photos of the 1994 Sovtek Electric Mistress V7 Prototype:

Photos by Ron Neely II, courtesy of The EH Man's Electro-Harmonix Extravaganza!!:

Sovtek Electric Mistress 1994
Sovtek Electric Mistress 1994 Prototype

Look at that cable harness - That's miltiary standard!

Note that the DC adapter is 12 V but it also can be run by a 9 V battery.

Photos with friendly permission of Rogue Music:
The printig says: Made in Russia St Petersburg

Sovtek Electric Mistress






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