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1979 Electric Mistress V4 (EH-5200-1-C)

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Power Supply: 2x 9 V battery or 18 V adapter input
Case (LxWxH): 175 mm x 138 mm x 57 mm
Knobs: curled with pointer or "icehocky puck"
Printing: green "Electric Mistress", black area around the footswitch, black circle around the knobs with scale
PCB: EH-5200-1-B, mostly EH-5200-1-C (clipped corners at bottom side and solder mask)
Trimpots: 1x bias, 1x feedback
IC: 1x RC4558, 1x SAD1024A, 1x CD4013, 1x LM339, 1x 741
Transistors*: 1x 2N4354, 1x 2N5087
Pot range:
*) parts may vary


Changes compared to V3:

The schematic of the V4 is mostly identical to V3. Only the bypass is now after the buffer.

Photos ot the Electric Mistress V4:

Photos with friendly permission of Retro-Tone Junkie.

Electric Mistress V4

Electric Mistress V4

Electric Mistress V4

Electric Mistress V4

Schematic of the 1979 Electric Mistress V4:

(Click for full size version of the schematic)
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