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1978 Electric Mistress V3 (EH-5200-1-A 2)

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Power Supply: 2x 9 V battery or 18 V adapter input
Case (LxWxH): 175 mm x 138 mm x 57 mm
Knobs: curled with pointer or possibly "icehocky puck"
Printing: green "Electric Mistress", black area around the footswitch, black circle around the knobs with scale - There also had been rare versions with unicolour blue or purple printing.
PCB: EH-5200-1-A 2 (clipped corners at bottom side, without and with solder mask)
Trimpots: 1x bias, 1x feedback
IC: 1x RC4558, 1x SAD1024A, 1x CD4013, 1x LM339, 1x 741
Transistors*: 1x 2N4354, 1x 2N5087
Pot range:
*) parts may vary


Changes compared to the Electric Mistress V2:

The printing has now scales around the three knobs.

The schematic of the Electric Mistress V3 is identical to the V2 with just one additional capacitor from pin 2 of IC 4 to ground.

The most significant change of the Electric Mistress V3 is the new PCB which now hosts the six parts that had to be soldered to the copper side formerly. Please note that the new PCB has no new number. It's number is still 5200-1-A. Later versions of the Electric Mistress V3 have a solder mask.

Solder mask:

Solder mask is a layer to cover the copper circuit paths of the PCB leaving only the solder points uncovered. It reduces the amount of tin needed to solder.
no solder mask   solder mask
no solder mask   solder mask


Photos with friendly permission of sneakyflute empire.

Photos with friendly permission of Rogier Kerkhof:


Photos with frindly permission of Jure Trošt. A rare version with purple printing


Schematic of the 1978 Electric Mistress V3:

(Click for full size version of the schematic)
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