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1976 Electric Mistress V1 (EH-EH-5200-1-A)

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Power Supply: 2x 9 V battery and 18 V adapter input
Case (LxWxH): 175 mm x 138 mm x 57 mm
Knobs: curled with pointer
Printing: red "Electric Mistress", blue area around the footswitch and knobs
PCB: EH-5200-1
Trimpots: 1x bias, 1x feedback
IC: ?
Transistors: ?
Peculiarity: On/Off switch instead of Flanger/Matrix switch

I am not sure during which period this version was built. Probably late 1975 or 1976.

It has an On/Off switch, a rather useless fature. Luckily Electro-Harmonix soon used the switch for Flanger/Matrix instead.

The schematic of the blue labelled Mistress should be identical to the 1977 Mistress V2 except for the missing Filter/Matrix switch.

Photos with frindly permission of Gardner Peters.

Electric Mistress V1

1976 Electric Mistress V1


Manual of the V1 (Photo with permission of Kit Rae and New Sensor Corporation):
Electric Mistress V1 manual
Manual of the 1976 Electric Mistress V1


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